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Why Digital Marketing is Important for Small Businesses

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Why Digital Marketing is Important for Small Businesses

The idea of publicity usually has a misconception that it can only be implemented through non-internet traditionally means such as television, newspaper, radio, pamphlets, and others but looking at the current mass integration and advancement, many problems of solving techniques are replaced by the usage of peer-to-peer networks or what we all like to call the Internet. By mentioning a brand through either a subtle or direct tone we can have a high promotional effect on the vast reach of the internet (Effects of online presence).

It has a rather great positive effect on SMEs and according to the book, ‘The Obstacles of e-Commerce in Developing Countries’ by Kenpankho. P, Online Marketing maximizes the ability to trade if done correctly, therefore, empowering SMEs, and enabling them to participate in global scale where previously market entry and promotion were either prohibitive or difficult.

Current Condition of Digital Marketing in Australia

There were 22.31 million internet users in Australia in January 2020 where 18 million of the users were part of social media users which indicates a penetration rate of 81 and 71 percent respectively according to datareportal. An increase of 265 thousand (1.2%) new internet users was observed between 2019 and 2020 and furthermore, Australian digital advertising is expected to grow by 2.5% in 2020 according to emarkete which enforces the idea of online marketing much more.


Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

In fact, the Digital Pulse Report by the Australian Computer Society found that the exports of information technology and communication technology have increased by 60% in five years. In the current state of Australia where the growth of user base and technology is rapidly increasing, with proper online marketing, we can propel a business to a large audience. Digipline as a company aims to achieve just that by helping proprietor achieve their online presence and reach their marketed demography by sharing their presence in the online world by various means.

For you as a proprietor of your own business

Local vendors in Australia have a huge advantage due to the large audience and by featuring the establishment through various web portals you can easily reach a lot of users who might be interested in your product. Since you have control over your portal as a host, by emphasizing your quality over a product you can easily out-compete against your competition. Furthermore, since customers tend to support products that have the backing of quality and users feed that support the claim of the backing/review, you’ll have a better chance against retailers with the same product or services.

Digipline as a company will help you propagate your services in the online domain and help you increase your audience in the online market and by establishing your brand you can truly make your quality of service your own and overreach the boundary of your current reach. It is estimated that the Australian Ecommerce value will reach USD $25.2 billion by 2021 so if your business is already in the online territory it can prove to be a very fruitful investment.