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Effects of Online Presence on Local Businesses 2022

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Effects of Online Presence on Local Businesses 2022

Online presence can be a concern to local businesses or vendors  as the reach of locally conducted business usually does not reach outside the community circle.  Many of the posing problems lies within the growing market and supply chain. Currently, the demand has increased substantially in proportion with the growing population. Due to the complex restriction on owning an e-commerce platform, most of the vendors hesitate from initiating one.

The big giants or the so-called online marketplace such as eBay, Amazon, Alibaba & others that facilitates vendors to reach the global market put various restrictions and compliance policy on their agreement which usually do not favor the local industries. So one might ask as to why take so much hassle to create an online presence? Well, let’s first look at the points below,

  • 900% growth rate of “near me today/tonight” searches( Think with google n.d.).
  • 200% growth rate for “open” + ”now” + ”near me” according to google date (Think with google n.d.).
  • Proven to be better ROI comparatively.
  • More than 80% of shoppers/buyers do their research online before investing in a product/service (big commerce 2020).
Different forms of Online Marketing Techniques.

Digipline Australia has proven its record to boost any local business using digital influence. Online marketing and a proper website design could easily help you perform better in your sales and give you a better ROI. Given the context provided by the points, it’s safe to assume that the business done under an online presence is very rewarding. Well, where do one conduct online advertisement, marketing, and everything that makes them popular? Well, social media platforms can be a medium to reaching large demography, and then there are videos where rather than telling others how good your product is you can show them instead.

Websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram provided satisfactory results to marketers according to a study done on Animoto as 93% of markets have found new customers and 88% of the markets have seen ROI after their investment (O’Neill M, 2018). These results enforce the positive outcome of having an online presence.

So as a local market conducting a simple business how would it affect you? Well first of all you can reach your targeted demography much quicker. By 2020 internet has about 4.57 billion active users so even if you managed to reach a small percentage, you are still gaining publicity. Many social platforms can allow you free publicity as opposed to the traditional form of marketing. Via online reach a business can also increase its trust among the community as the quality of products or services can be marketed/advertised. Through the process of marketing, an establishment can also build its unique brand which can help establish itself in the long run.

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