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5 E-Commerce Marketing Strategies Proven to Increase Your Sales

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5 E-Commerce Marketing Strategies Proven to Increase Your Sales

E-commerce marketing in Australia has been on the rise for centuries. The craze for online shopping has grown as a result of the pandemic. The e-market has heightened as an effect of the emergence of the covid-19. The revenue of the e-commerce market in Australia is suspected to reach $43,459 million in 2022. The shift in online marketing, which is to continue in the coming years, is now apparent. 

E-commerce market
E-Commerce Market

What is the e-commerce market?

E-commerce is an abbreviation used for electronic commerce widely all around the world. The market which supports online transactions is an e-commerce market. Though it is a platform for buying and selling products and services via online mediums or computer networks, essentially, there is no physical exchange of things. 

Technologies help in the process of this type of marketing. Digital marketing plays a huge role in e-commerce marketing. For example, transferring funds through various means like electronic means, supply chain management, electronic data, collecting data automatically, and online transactions are innovative ways of managing systems and internet marketing.

E-commerce strategies obtained in the earlier era

The electronic medium of marketization can be traced back to 1948 when the Berlin blockade and airlift via telex ordered some goods online. In 1975 a book on general e-commerce standards was published, which gave ideas on e-commerce. Initially, business invoices between suppliers and customers were only transmitted, but the electronic data interchange greatly aided the initial stages of starting a business, where maximum electronic business transactions took place. 

The introduction of the worldwide web in 1991 opened the gates to the browsers and was reachable in the year 1993. It was where the concept of the internet first emerged. Subsequently, smartphones and broadband followed. E-commerce shifted from online computers to smartphones, tablets, laptops, and smartwatches.

E-commerce in the current scenario

E-commerce has evolved within a short period, but that does not mean that the market will not advance further. E-commerce, at a certain point or stage of our life, is hoped to become a day-to-day medium for transactions.

The areas where the chances of e-commerce blossoming are the following:

1- Sales, promotion overall having good marketing status.

2- Having legal advice

3- Transport and management

4- Public and private service use

5- Trading of digital goods such as games, music, songs, etc

6- Accounting and financial management

7- Insurance and financing of the products

8- Transactions such as payment, delivery even ordering

9- Maintenance of the products and services.

10- Cooperative work distribution 

5 e-commerce marketing strategies proven to increase your sales

With the rapid advancement of information technology, the scope of e-commerce has expanded; the exchange of information has also enlarged, bringing new ideas to society. Because society has accepted the massive transformation in the technological sector, there has been a significant change. These changes are complex, such as how we educate our younger children, what type of business we run, and what we do daily. So these are some strategies that will help to grow the e-commerce market:

1- Selling the products on social media

The customers have grown, and their needs are subsequently changed. Social media is not only for posts that are motivational in nature or any early morning thoughts. The advertisement of the product and service must be strong. We need to have a sounder technique to entice the audience’s attention. There are many social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. As all these might not match your products and services, a perfect one for your products needs the click. 

To carry out the task, first finding the audience who wants this product, the targeted audience, is necessary.

2- Utilization of email marketing automation

Even though mailing sounds old type but mail gives more market, as many people still use mail as a medium for exchanging goods and services. The only fact is that the tools like SCA (shopping cart abandonment) should be used, which will create a promotion and sales announcements.

3- Description of the products

Whenever a customer goes to a shop, they always ask the shopkeeper about the product they are about to buy. These things are not possible in online marketing, for which the seller has to make a description box for the products, which the customer may demand. The description box has the features of the products. Moreover, you must add a frequently asked question box so that if any point is out, the customer can ask.

SEO is too beneficial if you have a good description of the products. Thus there should be a unique way of describing your products. And if you are stuck on what should be in its depiction, think from the manufacturer’s view.

4- Mobile or device type

We all understand mobile has become a part of our everyday life. Many people are on their phones 24 hours a day. That’s why the brand website should be as such that it supports the mobile of the general customer. According to Statista, 39.6% of retail e-commerce sales came from mobile, and by 2020, expected to go 49.2%. Thus having a responsive website that will be good for the customer device will give more conversions.

5- PPC

People nowadays rely on google for their every need and activity. Search engine tools like bring and google are helpful to find out the products thereof.

E-Commerce in Australia

In 2021 e-commerce marketing in Australia has broken all its records of the past years. E-commerce marketing in Australia is predicted to rise by 13.4% this year, following gains in 2020, and will surpass the US$70 billion mark by 2025.

According to the most recent Global data analysis on the state of e-commerce marketing in Australia, Covid-19 increased e-commerce spending by 16.8% in 2020, to US$41.2 billion ($53.5 billion), and then by a predicted 13.4% in 2021, to US$46.7 billion ($60.6 billion).  

Besides all these, household e-commerce has also expanded up to eighty percent. People can purchase groceries and electronic items and get services like gambling, health and beauty, digital content, food, and drinks.

E-Commerce in Sydney

The pandemic has hit e-commerce marketing in Sydney in various ways. It can not be understated. The shift could be a temporary one as the buyers were seeking for online mode of shopping for this pandemic, but the E-commerce market in Sydney is growing up vitally, especially for grocery stores.

Before purchasing any product or service, 81 percent of shoppers conduct thorough research. As a result, to stand out in the market, they work hard to tempt the audience’s attention towards their brand. With research predicting that e-commerce revenue will reach $6.54 trillion by 2022, there has never been a better time to launch an e-commerce business in Australia. 


The e-commerce market in Australia is extending incredibly. That is why there are many competitors in the market. The technology is at par with the marketing strategies, but these technologies are misused. As discovered, e-commerce marketing in Australia recently has 5108 scammers. It is 40% higher than that of the last year. Overall, ScamWatch figures released in September show Australians have lost $211 million to scams so far this year, an 89 percent increase compared to last year.

The E-commerce market agency was at almost 2% of Australia’s GDP in 2020. More than 90% of Aussies were engaged in their mobile phones for online shopping in 2020. The Australian e-commerce market saw an upsurge in online shopping of over 55% in December 2020. The market flooded due to the pandemic, and the consumers, instead of doing instore marketing, are more dragged to the online.

As a result, consumers must be aware of the fraudulent behavior of the phony institution, which serves no purpose other than to defraud unsuspecting buyers. Technology has advanced to an advanced phase. Business is now via email, mobile phones, laptop computers, and other devices. The Internet revolution has been advantageous for increasing the revenue generated by e-commerce. E-commerce, technology, and the internet are rising as economic growth catalysts. Since information and communication technology are rapidly changing the market, the result is transparent. 

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